Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 1 in the bag

As week one comes to a close, I played hooky last night with the blog.  I am sorry to disappoint all of my loyal blog readers, but a guy's got to have a day off sometime.

So yesterday was a pretty good day.  The normal stuff,  Bayly goes to school, comes home, relaxation time, Cali up from nap and all Hell breaks loose.....AGAIN.  But during the "laundry folding time" of relaxation time, I was mixing some songs my band did in a rehearsal.  I finally got the files all organized and where they needed to be and Bayly wanted to cuddle.  So I do what any audio geek father would do; teach my daughter to mix songs.  Alright, I may be weird and a total audio geek, but it made me proud.  Considering the events of the last few days, it was a good bonding time.  And the mixes aren't half bad.  It seems "we" do a pretty good job mixing quick!  Who knew?

Today was the Valentine's Party for our friends; translation a party for the kids to run around and get all hopped up on sugar.  It wasn't all that bad.  The normal screeching girls, and then there were the kids.  But really, they were all quite well behaved.  I found a new friend for life in a little boy that wants to play my drums all day.  He may actually take a bullet for me.  I cannot confirm such things, but I have my suspicions.

All leave and we mostly clean up the house and its bath and bed time.  The outcome is rather good.  All in, clean and to bed relatively quickly.  Then Bayly wants her new toy that sings a song buy the "Hey There Delilah" people, but not that song.  Now there were 9 kids and parents for most of them at my house today.  My wife and I turned my house upside down again looking for this thing.  Under every imaginable piece of furniture that a small stuffed animal can weasel itself under, all the while waking up the younger Cali a few times.  Perhaps she wasn't exactly asleep yet, but I'd like to think she was.  All in all, no luck finding the elusive toy and we substitute it with something just as meaningless.  The moral of that story:  We will do anything for our kids, no matter how nasty they were the week before, no matter how many times they yell at us and swing with anger even though they don't know quite what they are doing.

So I love my kids.  Love them so much I will tear my house appart after I put it back together to look for something that could fint in my shoe.  I may bitch about my kids, but they are great. Kids are great.  My kids are great.  

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