Sunday, April 10, 2016

Can I get a witness?

Last night I witnessed something we rarely see in our friends.

Let me back up a bit.

My daughter has been dancing at local dance studio for five years and has been on the competition team for the last three. Through the team, we have become friends with the other Dance Moms and Dads. We even hangout outside of dance things. We camp together. Occasionally they come to gigs of mine (OK just once but we're going to be playing another one soon). The girls invite each other to birthday parties. It's a regular ole friendship. And last night we got to witness one of those parents celebrate her 40th (!) birthday in a splendid surprise party! I'm still sore (but that might be because I, too, am aging).

When we have friends, we only see them for short periods of time; we only see snippets into their lives. We have these ideas how the everyday workings of their life go, be it good or bad. We never truly know until we see it first hand. And last night we all got a peek into a wonderful couple's life and it was phenomenal.

After the big surprise, first dance, and what-have-you, the husband got on the microphone to say his introduction to the party and thank you's to all those who helped. But what happened was something no one in the room expected. He was so overcome with emotion he had to stop and collect himself a number of times. It. Was. Great. His love and admiration for his wife still has the power to take his words away. Her love and support lift their love higher than anything he can fathom.

Here I was. I thought I knew this happy couple with two great children and a dog. I thought I knew how much they loved and cared for another. I had no idea. Now I know and it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. Like I said, if we are fortunate enough to get a glimpse into the lives of those around us, we will be astonished at what we see.

Happy Birthday, JK!