Monday, February 13, 2012

Huston, We have a man down!

Yes you read correctly, We do have a man down.  Well not really a man, more of a child.  And not really down, just sick.  
This morning Bayly walks into the bathroom while there is bathroom things going on, and says "I'm sick. Too sick to go to school."  Apparently someone planted the seed of the idea if she didn't feel better after sleeping the whole night, she wouldn't have to go to school.  That's fine.  But boy did I try to get her to go.  So after a morning of laying on the couch, boycotting lunch and an all around blah demeanor, a nap is the agreed course of action.  Sweet!  Sick kids and naps are great for each other.  They work hand in hand to cure the blahs along with the aforementioned cold.  One is napping; the other is napping.  Quiet time!  What's that like?  Oh, I remember.  Then there is an inquiry from the upper reaches of my house.  Then louder, then even louder.  Buy the time I get to what I believe is a child that has either thrown up, by wich the likes of Sissy Spacek would be jealous, or a limb is missing, I find a child that would like to come out of her room; all the while waking up her sound asleep sister.  Now its time for lunch.  What?  Lunch?  Alright.  We had our lunch an hour and a half ago.  So lunch goes fine.  A special someone eats like a horse.  Now we have a bunch of energy.  "I feel much better.  I guess I'm not sick anymore."  The great attitude and lack of sickness lasts until the second her mother walks into the door.  Then its a carbon copy of the days events.  Lethargic, grumpy, and blah.  Could the ibuprofen have worn off?  I am just going to chalk it up to a child being sick.  I hate being sick and I guess she does too.  But really, who like being sick.  

Tomorrow is a new day.   

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