Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All three in one house

So today was the first day I had both girls all day.  Up until now, it was Bayly going to daycare for 4 hours while I "bonded" (i.e. played and cleaned) with Cali.  And come to find out, the girls play rather well with each other when they are with their sister all day.  There have been fights and sisterly "playing" the past few days they have been at each other's throat.  I guess the alone time has brought on some fight in the little one.  A proud day indeed.

This afternoon I felt like a bum.  We watched too much TV today; by we I mean Bayly and I.  In my defense, it was cold and cloudy and kind of drab.  Cali even slept for 3 hours.  We will make it up tomorrow.  It supposed to be nicer and an trip outdoors sounds good.

I am getting into a groove with these kids and I hope it gets easier as we learn each other.  But I guess now that will blow up in my face since I stated it.  Oh well.  Wish me luck....

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