Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Retirement Plan

My kids were great today.  It seems that the marathon tantrum is over.  We may have hit a nerve with taking her most prized possessions away, like choice in shoes, her paper and crayons, her boom box (yes, my four year old is that old skool that she has a boom box).  I didn't go so far as to leave her with one of each shoe, so she'd have to wear two different shoes.  I just picked a couple of pair that she can wear comfortably and will go with a number of outfits.  That was until she slapped a pair out of my hand.  Now she is down to one pair of sneakers.  What's the big deal?  I wear sneakers every day.  They do their job to protect her feet and are quite stylish, even for a four year old.  I can only imagine what I can take away if this keeps going.  She may come home one day without a bed.  Or lights.  Or clothes; God knows she has enough of those.

Now we have a feasible threat.  And she knows we mean business.  And by we, I mean I.  Hopefully it will sink in this time.  I'm not holding my breath.  All I am trying to do is raise productive members of society that will one day make enough money to support my ass so I can retire early and play golf often.  And by the looks of it I will be knocking off early and playing lots of golf.

My only hope for tomorrow is that the weathermen will be right for once.  My car really needs to be cleaned and the kids need something to do.  Are you catching my drift?  Picking up what I'm putting down?  Feeling my flow?  Yea, they can play outside while I clean my car.  That's what you were thinking, right?  I know what you were thinking.  That woud be cruel.  They are only kids.

All I have to do is keep them from playing in traffic and we are golden.  I got this in the bag!

*Remember the sarcasm faucet is flowing*


  1. Time outs don't work?

  2. They did but have since worn off. Its on to the big guns! She's too much like her mother-hard headed. She wants what she wants and very little will deter her from her goal.