Thursday, February 16, 2012

The fever has spread!

Calm down folks, its not the fever you are thinking about.  Last night the sickly one slept through dinner, which was great because she didn't sleep during relaxation time like I wanted.  The only trade off of a dinner time nap is a child that's up late - like super late, like 11:00 late, like falling asleep after I fell asleep late, like too late for a four year old to be up late, you get the picture.  I think she arose from her slumber around the time she would normally be heading to never never land.  With hopes of lulling her back, my wife gave her the iPad to build cupcakes or do whatever it is kids do with that thing.  Turns out, kids watch a young boy sing and dance.  Yes that young boy; the current apple of my four year old's eye, Justin Bieber.  She has watched the movie before and has since been infected by Bieber Fever.  But her symptoms have faded, almost subsided, until last night.  Now its back to pandemic status.  We had to listen to the CD on the way to school today (by the way, thanks TINA for giving that to her).  She had to listen to it during relaxation time.  I'm sure she will soon be asking if Justin can come over for dinner.  What does he eat?  Canadian Bacon?  Isn't that ham??  Do I have to stock up on Molson?  Or Labats?  He won't come anyway.

And I am fine with all of this.  Even though he's Canadian (eh), he seems like a nice boy.   He's a little old for my Bayly, but a girl can dream I guess.  We've all had some pretty irrational fantasies.  When you are four you are supposed to have those irrational fantasies.  When you have those at 16, 10. 35 or 50 is when you need to talk to someone in a white coat.

So yes, the fever has spread.  At least Cali still wants to hear Yo Gabba Gabba.   (hum Yo Gabba Gabba theme here)

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