Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sun seeker

I am addicted to the sun and today was good for that.  I did get to clean the inside of my car and transfer the car seats over to the smallest car on the planet.  The kids played, didn't run into traffic, get hurt, or get abducted, and the car looks nice.  Now I need to do the outside.  But it's gonna rain tomorrow, so I'll let Mother Nature take care of it.  Too bad there is no acid in the rain water.  It would be great if She could wax it too.  That'd be something.  

The kids played well with each other; there's a first time for everything.  No, really.  They play like sisters, fight like sisters, and together they trash the house like any two kids.  What more can I ask for?  Oh, yea.  I could as for a bunch of cash, a new baby to get the wife off my case, or just world peace.  But I won't ask for those things.  I have two little girls that get along, at least for a few waking hours of the day, a loving wife, a clean car, and the best job in the world.  

Another thing to be thankful for, I will be taping a spot for a local access television program tomorrow.  I was approached by a man about my lightning strike in '94 right after I started this blog.  So 17 years later people want to hear about some kid getting struck by lightning,  I doubt it will break any Nielsen records, but someone may be watching and say "I remember that kid!"  I will find out where and when it will air.  Or this guy is just luring me to his home to steal my identity, admire my boyish good looks and eat my brain.  So if I don't blog anymore after this post, you know what happened.  Just hope my brains don't taste that good and I survive with majority of my noggin.  Wish me luck!

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