Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The tulips! The tulips! The tulips are coming!

So its been some time since I have blogged.  I know, I know.  I am a horrible blogger.  In my defense, the weather is getting warmer and the outdoors are calling.  My bulbs are coming up and the heat if off.  Give me a break, ok?!

Now that spring has made an early entrance, me and the little ones are spending time playing outside and breathing in the wonderful warm, fresh air.  Some yard work is getting done.  Some seeds have been started in pots.  Some birds have even braved our bird feeders for a quick bite.  All of this late spring like weather got us thinking:  Lets get the kids fed, washed/bathed, and lets take em for a walk so they will be tired when we get back.  Great idea!  Day 1 goes rather well.  They eat.  They wash/get washed.  They RUN for a mile or so each.  We get back.  Brush teeth/wash up again/medicines, etc.  Get to bed and they are wired.  Bayly has been tough to get to sleep lately.  Mostly missing her mommy, but partly because she's four and wants to see how far she can go with it.  Cali was bouncing off her crib like a kid with ADHD on speed.  We try to get her down; she'd go down, only to be up again in 10 minutes.  Turns out she comes down at 11:00 in her mother's arms asking for a pear.  With her cherished fruit she plops down beside me on the couch with the intention of becoming totally engrossed in Mad Men.  As I look over at her to make sure she is still breathing and hasn't lodged a giant piece, or the whole pear, in her mouth, she turns to me and pulls on muy cheeks and says, "Tickle Tickle."  How can you not love that.  A few minutes pass and I sneak another couple of looks.  She was totally engrossed in the drama of 60's advertising men and their shenanigans.   My wife said she was a spitting image of me, staring intently at the television, immersed in the plot.  I'm not recommending you go out and start your toddlers on Mad Men or any other intense drama, or even any mindless nonsense that may be beamed onto your television by the government so they can read your thoughts and make you buy COKE or drink Ogalvie.  What I am saying is its ok to let the kids stay up a little late once in a while.  11:30?  A little late?  Minor details.  But she did sleep till 9:15 the next morning.  Come to think of it, bedtimes the past few days have been tough.  It might be time to start shrinking her nap time.  Who the hell am I kidding?  I need those two hours in the middle of the day for my sanity.  And to fold laundry.  But mostly for my sanity.

I think the next time we do a walk trip at night, we might try walk first, then dinner and cleaning and etc.  Its worth a shot.  What's the worst think that could happen?   She could be up till 1:30!


  1. I will just say that I love my European readers. I have no idea who they are, why they are reading my blog, but I love the fact that they are reading. Don't be shy, people of Russia and Germany. I know you are there, reading the stories of my kids. Enjoy! Hell, give me an "Atta-boy!"

  2. Ich liebe, was ich lese. Bitte halten Sie die gute Geschichte. Es hilft mir schlafen in der Nacht.

  3. Gut, dass Sie es genießen, aber ich würde lieber mein Blog nicht zum Einschlafen.

  4. Nicht schlafen, kann ich viel Spaß beim Lesen deiner Geschichte. Es ist sehr angenehm. Vielen Dank für das Teilen.