Saturday, March 10, 2012

My little girl is 2

Today there was a birthday party for my little girl.  And, Yes I knew about it.  It wasn't a total surprise to me.  'Twas a Pancake and Pajama Party.  A novel theme for a child's birthday, if you ask me.  Kids (both mine and other strays that roam the neighborhood) were well behaved.  There was the normal birthday party drama; and then there were the kids.  Just kidding.  Its late and I'm tired.

My little one is two.  My, how time files.  It seems like a month ago I was holding my wife's hand in the operating room (planned C-section) both thinking we were having a boy, when Cali burst into our life.  I guess they weren't kidding when they say time files when you have kids.  I am going to wake up and they are going to be going to school.  Really that's only a handful of months away for Bayly, but you catch the drift.  I think Ferris Beuler had a quote about that.  Google it.  I'm way to lazy right now.

Last thing....  Did you remember to set your clocks ahead?  (This last point if for my American readers.  I cannot say without reasonable doubt if my German and Russian readers follow Daylight Savings Time. )  Spring ahead.  But not too fast.  The kids are growing up fast enough.

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