Friday, March 9, 2012

One day I will teach these girls....

On the eve of my youngest daughter's second birthday party, I have to remind myself that my kids are good kids.  Today they have put that theory to the test.  Both kids wore me out, and not in the they ran me around town doing fun things.  They were on my last nerve since their mother left the house.  Cali was pulling Bayly's hair to the ground.  I was feeling kind of bad for Bayly.  She wasn't even fighting back.  Could it be her "lover not a fighter" mentality?  Could it be we taught her so well not to hit and fight?  Is she just a pushover?  My only thought is that we will teach her not to lay down and take that in due time; when she understands that you don't fight to fight, you fight for what you believe and for your honor.  Both things a four and a half year old can't quite grasp yet.  And I don't think her sister really needs a black eye at 2.  She may deserve it, by the hand of her older sister, but she doesn't need it.  Sisterly love!

But Bayly wasn't a saint either.  She is on this baby talk kick.  Its really annoying because she is so well spoken.  At a eight months or so, she told the daycare director that she was parched.  What eight month old uses parched in a sentence?  And correctly, for that matter.  So when she talked very baby like from school, through the grocery store and back home, I can't help but get annoyed.  And to top it off, she would not listen to save her self.  I understand when Cali doesn't listen she just doesn't know any better.  But Bayly does know better and still she does it anyway.  I guess I shouldn't expect her to be an adult.  She is only four and a half.  Yet she does act better than some of the adults I have met in my life.  A credit to my parenting?  I like to think so.

She requested me to come up and see her after her mother put her to bed this evening.  I go up to her sanctuary (yea, right.  Its a room in my house that has her clothes and that she sleeps in - no sanctuary at all) to find her being lulled to sleep by Mr. Bieber.  Being a father, I ask why she likes JB so much?  Is it his singing?  Is it the songs?  Her response: "I like the way he looks."  I have my first crush on my hands.  At least he can't break her heart too bad.  I have to wonder if she really thinks this or is it just a mimic of all the girls in the movie?  I'm going with that.  She's FOUR, for crying out loud.  I know people say that girls are growing up faster these days from all the estrogen they ingest from all the plastic in the world, but this is a little much.  I just have to keep telling myself that it is a phase and one day, it will pass.  I mean, all those girls got over the New Kids when I was younger; she will get over this.  One day, she will discover another teen heartthrob, a different genre of music, an activity that pulls at her heart strings, and even a real boy.  Lord help me when that day arrives.  By then she will know how to fight back, not get taken advantage of (at least by someone other than her younger sister), and know what she really wants.  And to this yet to be named boy, watch out.  You have got your hands full.  If you hurt her, you will have to answer to me, and her younger sister.  I'm sure she is the brute of the litter.  Lets hope she finds an activity.  She's good at dance.  Decent at soccer.  A damn fine artist.  And has the perfect personality to run for public office.  Lets focus on the activities for now.  Boys are a bad influence.  That may be the father in me talking, but lets be honest.  Activities are more fun, more work (mostly), and have a better long-range outlook.  Lets hope Cali doesn't get struck by the same crush.  Then Bayly just might fight back.

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