Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trifecta? Impossible.

Its been a long two days since the last blog entry.  I feel like I am letting down my loyal readers (if there are any out there.  Perhaps in Europe or Australia).  Yesterday I went to get Cali up from her nap and I was surprised to find she had poo'ed her diaper, stuck her hand in it, and proceeded to wipe it on the rail of the crib.  How psyched was I?  So I calmly tell her that it was gross and that is something we do not do and it is yucky.  I clean her up.  Disinfect said rail; somehow she didn't get feces anywhere else, and we go about our day.   Both girls found it necessary not to listen to a word I said for the rest of the day and wen to bed at 7 without incident.   They must have known they messed up.  God knows I didn't hide the fact that I was to be listened to.

Today rolls around.  I was not looking forward to an encore of yesterday.  It can't happen two days in a row.  It was just a freak occurrence.  The kids seem to be total angels apart from their sibling counterparts.  Its when they join forces, the seas part and all listening ceses to exist.  Usually parting bodies of water waits until after nap time/relaxation time.  Today was set to be different.  Had a good morning with Cali while Bayly was at school.  Vacuumed the house, washed the floors with the best cleaner known to man; VINEGAR, picked up her sister and got two loads of laundry folded.  Bayly and I took advantage of the great weather and played outside while her sister napped, going in every so often to check if she had awaken.  Then it happened.  She woke up, again smeared poop on her crib rail, and was quite chipper when I went in.  Again, I clean up the little pooping machine, disinfect the crib, and go outside to try to burn off some energy.  About 20 minutes of cordial and polite frolicking and playing ensue.  Then, like a switch, they stop listening to anything I say.  So then it's time to put a kabash on the what seems to be blocked ears and go inside.  They were playing so well together, minds well move it inside where they can be contained.  They run off upstairs to seemingly play nicely together while I start whipping something up.  They somehow found time, in 15 minutes, to make one heck of a mess of Bayly's room.  Bayly blamed Cali.  Cali ran off to her room.  No one listens to clean it up.  Crying, screaming, tantrum-ing, and finally cleaning.  That's done.  Back to dinner.  Nothing burning, nothing cooked beyond recognition, nothing unidentifiable.  We all go down to be in the same vicinity, mostly so I can watch what trouble might ensue.  Keri comes home unnoticed while we are checking on the grill.  Finally some back-up.  Maybe a fresh face will deter this behavior.

Not so much.  The total disregard for parental orders continued.  Its nice to see it doesn't happen to just me.  Maybe, hopefully, Lord Please don't let there be an encore tomorrow.  I am supposed to take them in public tomorrow night.  At least there is something I can hold over their head if they don't behave.  But that won't be needed.  They will be the angels that they are.  It can't happen THREE days in a row, right?


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