Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Four star day, My ASS!

Every day I try to read my horoscope.  Mostly for fun; if they are right 1% of the time that would be a lot.  Yesterday I was to have a two star day.  All in all it turned out pretty well.  The kids were well behaved, my house didn't blow up, and there were no fatalities (at least not my fault anyway).  Not what one would call a two star day.  So this morning, while reading my totally truthful and accurate horoscope to see I was to have a four star day, I should have known it was a steamy load.  Nevertheless, I was expecting a good day.  Why?  Because the newspaper horoscope lady said so.  As it turns out, she got her days reversed.  FedEx messed up my delivery.  Did you know dispatch has no way of contacting the driver?  UPS contacts their drivers.  I guess that's the difference between a dented package and a crushed one.  I missed him by 5 minutes.  He probably drove by my house four more times during the course of the day where he could/should have dropped it off.  Then Staples.  "The Office Superstore," no longer carries FireWire cables.  Staples!  Apparently they don't think the FireWire thing will catch on.  I guess it's too slow for the genius buyers at Staples HQ.  Oh well.  Their loss.  Then the day really starts living up to its aforementioned star rating.  Tantrums, waking sisters during nap time, refusal to clean up after the A-Bomb goes off in dress up land, more tantrum, daddy getting slugged in the kisser, no stories, no dessert, more screaming, dinner,

"I don't like couscous!"

"Have you ever had it?"


Exactly.  Now I sit here and blog away, trying to decompress from the awesome telekinetic power of Ms. Horoscope, or whatever her name is.  She mind as well be a meteorologist; they have just about the same batting average.  I guess I should do some Power Yoga, clear my mind, work my daddy physic into some sort of shape, grab a beer and watch some Idiot Box.

Four star day?  Yes it was a four star day.  They all are; with the right attitude!  You just need to see it from a different angle.

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