Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is in the air

In the Northeast today it was very spring-like.  So much so we went to the park and played like animals set free to return to the wild.  The problem with this is we live in New England where if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.  And by golly, it is looking like that is the case.  The powers that be (i.e. the always accurate weathermen and women of the secret fraternity of liars - meteorologist) are calling for up to an inch of snow tomorrow night.  What the hell, man?!  What are you gonna do?  Just be happy the kids got out and played in the fresh air for hours today.  Yes, hours.  I am betting we will all be excited when we can do this everyday.  When I was a kid, all we would do is play outside; riding our bikes, playing home run derby, rummaging through the woods searching for nothing and everything all at once. It seems these days all kids want to do is play PacMan or whatever is all the rage and watch the YouTube.  I am going to raise my kids the way I was raised; by making our own adventures with our imaginations, getting, into sticky situations, and finding ways to not tell the parents about said situations (mostly innocent fun).  Days like today make me miss my day-long bike rides around the neighborhood, finding trails in the woods, or playing street tennis.  (for clarification that is tennis in the street)  I want my girls to explore, get dirty, and have fun.  Not sit in front of a television munching on ghosts and watching some idiot put on a million t-shirts.

To change the subject for one moment, I was thinking about an expansion project.  Expanding what, you ask.  While I would love to expand our house to have a kick ass garage with a man room; this is not, will not, or can not be in the budget.  Expand the garden?  While that has to be done, it is not what I was thinking (Crap!  Now I have to do that, too).  I was thinking of expanding the family.  Now before all you loyal readers get all excited and start getting us baby stuff, I was thinking four legged and furry.  NOT a cat.  I repeat, NOT A CAT.  They are gross, lazy, and we are all allergic.  My apologies to the crazy cat people of the world, but no cats are welcome here.  I was thinking of a hypoallergenic dog; a labradoodle.  But in order to be certain it will not cause major spikes in our medical bills, we/I have to be certain it is a true labradoodle.  Which means I must go through a breeder.  Some of my friends say don't do it; Don't get a dog.  They smell.  They chew.  They are bad.  You can't go away without worrying about feeding/letting it out.  Exe cetera, exe cetera, exe cetera.  I don't know.  We always said we'd like the kids to have a dog when they are young.  And since I am home, I thought it would be a good time to have one.  I'm sure all the readers of this will tell me not to.  Fine.  You may win, but as of now it doesn't seem that bad.  It would be fun.  What can go wrong?

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