Thursday, March 22, 2012

Influx of..........Play dates

We had a play date set up for today.  Us and two other Stay At Home's or Semi Stay At Home's.  Well one of the families in today's play date had to back out.  Something about kids coughing all night, coughing himself to throw up, and not wanting to spread germs.  Its  better that they didn't come.  I couldn't handle any sick kids with this weather.  The other mother and two kids did attend.  All kids played well together.  Cali did her best to try to keep up to the older ones, mimicking, copying, and even butting into their imaginary world.  Bravo, little one.  Way to get involved.  All in all, it was a good idea for the kids.  They ran around, played while the parents chatted about this and that, and even had a great PB&J lunch.

After my house was put back together from the play date, we relaxed and got ready for the art show at daycare.  They seem to do this a couple times a year and its great.  You see that they actually do something at school other than play, trace letters or numbers, and identify patterns.  Every level, every age of child did a wonderful job.  Even my child was highlighted, even though she only goes three half days a week.  While we were there, we found our way to the other parents that are in our little circle of friends that share the same daycare.  Its kind of like a little click within the daycare.  I am sure we aren't the only ones with our own little click.  I remember at Bayly's birthday, the other parents from daycare were very chummy chummy with each other.  Who cares?! Let em.  We are much cooler anyway.  (While I am sure this is the case, I am not closely familiar with any of these other parents and cannot confirm nor deny this.  I am sure they are cooler than a cucumber, I have no first hand knowledge.)  After talking over snacks and cookies, we decide that the kids need to the park to run off the day's energy; mostly burn off those cookies the kids devoured.  A popular park is picked and we decide to make it a pot luck dinner at the playground.  This particular park is set up with picnic tables and an eating area; we have had lunch there many times.  The weird part was being a parent, walking in with a Crock Pot full of chicken cacciatore.  Who brings a Crock Pot to the park?  Then the next family rolls up with a pizza.  Now we're taking.  Then the next comes with hummus, bread and chip-like snacks.  All perfectly normal for an evening at the park.  But who brings a crock pot insert with chicken cacciatore to the park?  Classy people, that's who.  The kind of classy people that spell classy with a "K."  That's us.  We all ate, played and enjoyed the great weather.  And it was good, if I must say so myself.  And we fought off those dirty looks from all the other parents who came to the park without so much as a snack half as good as our dinner.  Jealousy is for the weak.  (Yea right!  Whatever.)

Then we got home, bathed, and did bedtime without incident.  That hasn't happened in a very long time.  I am going to chalk it up to the vigorous playing that they did.  Either that or they finally are getting that their parents have things to do after they go to sleep.  I think I'm going to stick with the my first assumption.  But stranger things have happened.  Only tomorrow will tell.  What do you think?  That's what I thought.  It was the playing!

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