Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tis the eve of Easter.  That's the day of the living dead, for all of you non Christians out there.  Its also the day where children fall asleep dreaming about the basket of confections and possibly some sort of toy or other "There is a holiday here and I will give you this for the occasion" gift that some lovable rodent is supposed to hide in their houses (at least that's the way I was taught). And why the bunny?  Jesus wasn't tied to the mammal that, when put in a room with an opposite sex of the same mammal, would procreate faster than Superman flies through the air.  (Total speculation)

As I was shopping for the elusive Cadbury Mini Egg today, (Late, I know) I overheard someone say something about Valentine's Day is just like Christmas.  That got me thinking.  We do live in the most Capitalistic nation, where anyway to make a buck is the norm.  Its just like how the Christmas decorations come out right after Halloween, or even earlier, and our calendar is based on the sales at Target or that other bass-akward box store.  So I blame Halmark for the commercialization of Easter, Valentine's Day, Flag Day, and any other random holiday that occurs.  But without President's Day the auto manufacturers would go bankrupt.  So I guess it's not totally Halmark's fault.  Its all for the children.  Its for the children to tell their parents that they want that toy, that candy bar, that ball of lint, that they saw on TV.

Does that mean it's the fault of the box with moving pictures?  After all, television needs advertising to survive.  And advertising needs kids to watch and then go nag their parents (which mine don't do...yet) for the aforementioned toy/candy bar/lint, so the cycle can continue.  I guess its just the perk of living in a capitalist nation, where we will overblow a religious holiday and replace the true meaning with some fictional character with super human (or super bunny, in this case) powers, to make a buck.  I'm not complaining.  Just venting.  When all is said and done, we have to teach our children the real meaning of the holidays; why a holiday is a holiday, aside from the day off of school/work and no mail.  So teach your children well.  If you are unsure on the details, do what I do; make it up.  It can't be that far off of what is already thought of the masses.

Happy Easter.

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