Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So here in New England the flu has arrived.  I am not sure it has touched down in my abode and I am hoping it steers clear.  Although, I did get a lovely gift from my wife:  Her cold!  We can only hope it does not get passed onto our little angels.  I am crossing my fingers, toes, ears and tongue.  (I can't cross my eyes; I'm not that talented)

To make it worse, there's a storm a brewin'.  And I mean a real doozy of a snow storm.  Three to six inches of the white fluffy stuff.  Now I haven't been out to the grocery store today, but I am certain it is pandemonium there.  And why?  If the storm, or any storm for that matter, is that bad you are going to loose power.  And it is always said to get milk and bread before a storm.  So with that rational when the power goes out, you will loose your new milk when it goes bad.  But thank goodness you have bread; at least you can feed the birds!

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