Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Its been a while.

As 2013 starts, I figured I should revisit my blog.  That's right, I have a blog.  You probably forgot about it; I did for a while.  I will try to bring you all up to speed on all the crazy things, or just normal things, that have happened since I abandoned this blog like the Titanic.  

I'm not really sure where I left off and I am too lazy to go check, so I will just start where I think I ended.  

The spring was the spring.  The garden showed promise.  I picked up a couple of lawns in the neighborhood to supplement my Stay-at-home-ness.  The garden was doing well.  WAS.  I refer to it in past tense mostly because we went on a few vacations.  But while we were away, the highly invasive party of vermin called weeds moved in and decided they were better suited than all my plants.  But we did get a good harvest anyway.  My loving wife made pepper jelly, blackberry jam, apple butter (not from apples that we grow, but from a lovely day trip to an orchard), froze herbs and other things that grew despite the new undesirable neighbors.  I even think she made stewed tomatoes.  What a woman!  

Bayly started Kindergarden.  Yes.  I am the parent of a school aged child.  That first day, as the bus rolled up she gently walked away, said "Bye mom," and never looked back.  No tears.  No hesitation.  Nothing.  The only tears, and boy were there tears, came from her Godmother and Grandmother.  

And while one of my angels is away learning all the things there is to learn, I find way time to do things that are now som much easier to do with one child.  Grocery shopping.  Banking.  Random errands.  Saving the world.  You'd be surprised how easy it is to save the world while only toting one child.  

Around Bayly's birthday we got a dog, much to the chagrin of my wife.  We found a great breeder of Labradoodles near by that came with a great review from a friend.  We had to choose the less than manly sounding yet hypoallergenic dog because of asthema and other health concerns.  Toby is a great dog, most of the time, gets along well with the kids, and even seems to enjoy life in our family.  But he is growing on my wife.  He knows how to turn it on.  He always finds time to cuddle with here on the couch at night.  I guess he takes after me.  Smart dog.  

Halloween was uneventful, aside from a hurricane/annual October CT storm.  

Then Thanksgiving.  No biggie here.  Same ole, Same ole.  

Newtown.....  My kids were lucky enough to not really know anything happened.  They are just too young.  It was very hard to grasp.  I, like so many other parents, hugged my kids tight that day.  

Christmas was insane mostly because I have a school aged child and a toddler.  Not a bad insanity.  A normal insanity.  If you have kids, you know how it is.  If you don't have kids, you are missing the best time of the year.  Or are you?  

Which brings us to New Years.  My wife and I were saying last night that 2012 was pretty quiet for us as a family.  No major things going down.  Lets hope the next year will be much of the same.  

Happy New Year my loyal followers/readers.  I will try to keep this going longer than last year.  Here's hoping!

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