Thursday, June 5, 2014

The other big thing I left out of yesterday's post

Like I said yesterday, I knew I forgot some things that happened on my hiatus.  And it was kind of big.  You are saying to yourself, "How can you forget something big that happened?"  I did.  Well I didn't totally forget it.  I remembered it today, and every day since it happened.  But it is big.  "Nut-ah," you say?  I say "Um-ha!"  "Nut-ah."  "Um-Ha!"  "Nut-ah!" "You're right."

So before the baby was born, my six year old decided one day that she was a vegetarian.  Kids go through stages.  Try new things.  Do drastic things like change their hair color to blue or some radical shade of OSHA pink so everyone in society will stand clear of their heads.  The wife and I inquired about such a life change.  Her response was priceless.  She had just watched a movie in school about poachers and poaching.  From that movie she took away that all animals are important and NOT TO BE EATEN.  (I can agree with the first part)  She said she didn't want to hurt any animals, especially the endangered ones.  Because we eat endangered species all the time.

"Honey, what's for dinner tonight?"

"Oh, just some oven baked Bald Eagle with a side of Black Rhino in a red wine demi-glaze." Said no one ever. (but it does sound tasty)

Now we are not vegetarians.  Her teacher is but we are pro meat in this household.  It has its own category in the food pyramid.  (And if animals weren't supposed to be eaten, then why do they taste so good?)  We chatted about the benefits of eating meat and how the meat we eat is raised to be eaten.  But she stuck to her guns and was very adamant about being a vegetarian.  Ok.  Run with it, kid.

We discussed that she would have to get her protein elsewhere, mostly through beans, cheese and other high protein (non meat) foods.  That night we prepared a nice salad.  We were all dressing our abundant salads of greens, vegetables and chickpeas when we asked if she wanted bacon bits (real ones; not the imitation crap) she hesitated.  Yes being a vegetarian would meant giving up bacon too.  Giving up the worlds most perfect food; bacon.  A food that should have it's own category in the food pyramid.  She thought for a moment then decided that she was going all in on this vegetarian thing.  Bravo, child.  She made up her mind and stuck to it.  (This does not fare well for me when she hits the teenage years.)

So this new found diet has stuck around since then; all told about 12 weeks (give or take).  She might be the healthiest eating six year-old in the history of six year-old eating.  We even ran into a nice older woman at the grocery store in the frozen veggie burger section and got schooled on some of the things.  Like how the Bocca Burgers are the fast food of vegetarian eating, meaning not all that good for you but still within the vegetarian limits.  I even had one and they aren't all that bad.  Now I am not going to go veige anytime soon; I just tried one to check it out.  Ya know, to make sure it's safe for my kid.

The new menu has some challenges.  I have never made a special meal when the kids don't like what we are having.  What is for dinner, is what is for dinner.  I am far to busy to be a personal cook.  We have been taking into account what she will eat and plan our meals to fit in.  Maybe we are all eating healthier because of it?  We were always into the fresh vegetables and not so much into processed food; but we occasionally divulge.  So the change wasn't that far out of our comfort zone.  Just no tasty, delicious, yummy meat for her.  (Her loss.  More for the rest of us)

So that is the other big news.  We haven't even discussed the "V" word with her.  I don't think anyone in this house is ready for a vegan.  And I will hunt you down if you mention it to her.  Kidding.......  Kind of.

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