Friday, February 14, 2014

Its Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, all. Happy holiday created by Hallmark to sell you stuff and make you feel guilty for all the stuff you haven't done yet. And if you say Happy V-D you better be saying it to an ex that told you that Star Wars was stupid or someone that killed your cat or dog because they were taking too much of your attention. Because VD is the best gift you can give that person.

So it is no surprise that I am a horrible gift giver. If you have ever gotten a good gift from me, it probably came from my wife. I lack all thought and preparation. I usually don't think about the occasion until it is very, very near.  Like the day of, or even in some cases the day after. So if you've gotten something totally weird, inappropriate, or downright idiotic it most likely came directly from me.

That being said, I had this great idea for a Valentine's Day gift for the Mrs. I will call it the Why I Love You Project. Over the last week or so, I wrote down the reasons why I love my wife and planned to give them to her throughout the day.  After I sent the first one I added #wily, hoping she would get the reference.  She didn't and I had to explain it. We so aren't Twitter people. It is no secret that I despise the hashtag.  Check out the Fallon/Timberlake skit about it, here.  I'm with ?uestlove on this one. He is the best. If you don't know him, check him out. But I had to use the hashtag (#).  Mainly because I was too lazy to type Why I Love You after every thing.  It was all about time management. The hashtag:  the perfect combination of laziness and efficiency.

I won't go into all the reasons but here are a few that I have sent so far:

Why I love you
You are beautiful
Your pretty blond hair
You support me in whatever I do
Your determination and 
Your drive 
The way you help people
Your (mostly) even tempered parenting style
You look good in anything you wear

The way you brighten any room you enter

Sappy? I know. But it's Valentine's Day and that is what Hallmark wants. I do not want to upset the capitalistic Gods. 

There are more. I am not going to post them here because my wife is a loyal reader and I don't want to spoil it for her. Trust me. They are sappy, some are funny and all are from the heart.

So married, dating, friends-with-benefits friends, families, random strangers, please join the project. Tell someone why you love them today and every day.  You can use the "#" if you want, but I will NOT be checking. I am already cringing at thinking about it. 

#rantingsofastayathomedad (cringe)

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