Friday, February 7, 2014

Its Been A Long Time...... Since I've been writing.....

My life pretty much stays the same. Day in. Day out. Occasionally something comes by and throws a wrench in the schedule, but even the wrench doesn't bother me that much.  Occasionally. But this day was the same, aside from some snow and some more snow and then some more snow.

This is the before photo.  
I don't have an after because I am too lazy to go upstairs and take another pic.  
You can use you imaginations.

Many know that we are expecting another mouth to feed in late March. And if you didn't know, you do now. While we were getting pummeled by the biggest winter storm of the year (it was just a normal Connecticut storm; only twelve inches. Hardly anything to bat an eyelash at. We've had worse. Like the year we got almost 100 inches, most of which were major storms. None of this two inches of snow that shut down the south. That year we got storms that dropped FEET of snow, so one measly foot ain't nutin) we thought (and by we, I mean my lovely beautifully pregnant wife) it would be good to ready the baby's room in case things needed to progress faster than the scheduled C-section. Things happen, I understand. High blood pressure, PUPS (A.K.A. itchiness from the depths of a really hot, despicable place), alien hijacking, and any and all other random things that can happen to a pregnant woman.  I agree to tidy up and wash baby clothes and get all the other things in order to lessen the load IF something progresses quicker than the schedule.

Side note: Laundry is relaxing for me. Watching some Cheer's on Netflix and tackling the load of the day.  Half hour and I'm done. That's normal people's clothing. Folding baby clothes takes forever.  There are way too many things for one load.  Tiny socks. Tiny Onesies. (I can't figure out how to put in a registered trademark sign here so Gerber, don't come after me for using your product name. I mean, everyone calls them Onesies. I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to them as "body suits." And besides, aren't body suits the things girls wore when I was in middle school? Those snaps were impossible) Little pants. Little hats. Little blankets. Little everything. I guess its just been quite a while since I've done a load of baby clothes. Like three years.

Back to the story, I arrange the tiny washed and folded clothes (all of which are unisex colored because we don't find out what we are having. Something has got to be a surprise these days.) in drawers and in the closet the way I think will be most logical. Honestly, I really don't care. I was just trying to do something so I didn't look outside and think about shoveling.

I would like to say I finished organizing everything and the room looked immaculate. I would like to tell you that I am an organizational mad man. I would like to be a millionaire. Unfortunately none of those things are true. But I did get a head start.

What happened while I was out shoveling, snow blowing, and playing the Driveway Clearing Fairy (I cleared off my neighbor's driveway while they were at work and it felt good to do good) the room mysteriously tidy'ed itself. Thanks to my wife for finishing what I started. I would have gotten to it, eventually. And besides, she knows where things are supposed to go. It's not like I don't know where everything else is in the house. I think she just did it to keep my on my toes. Throw me a curveball. Making me learn a new room. Or she just didn't like my organizational skills. Whatever the reason, it is done.

The moral of the story is people think and organize differently. What works for you probably won't work for them. One can't know for sure what the other is thinking, unless they are twins because they have that twin thing where they communicate with each other telepathically and freak people out. (We AREN'T having twins. Just one, that's all we've seen on the funny machine that looks into the belly) And if I were to know what another human was thinking, I would be a lot richer (see above about what I would like) and women wouldn't confuse the living daylights out of me.

[And I would like to thank my band mate for inspiring the title of this blog. (Just sing it and it will come to you) And if you want to hear what I mean, by all means come to Torrington tomorrow night (2/8) and catch our set. Sorry International readers, we don't have streaming. Just hop on a flight and it will be a fun adventure. We will be done by 9 so you can still get home to catch the late news! Unless you are catching a flight back to Europe.]

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