Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am a dad. I am still a man.

It occurred to me the other day that fatherhood has changed me.  This "revelation" came to me as the girls and I were watching Disney's "Brave".  For those who have yet to see it, or won't ever see it, it is a story of an independent princess.  But not a princess in the likes of the glitzy, girly, prince Charming waiting, evil step-mother having princess.  This strong, independent princess will do good for girls near and far.  She is very similar to my princesses.  Independent, strong willed, don't tell me no, I can do it myself kind of princess.  Sound familiar?

Back to the dad part.  Ever since Bayly entered this world I noticed a change in myself.  I am sure other father's have noticed the same change.  I started to get teary-eyed at sappy movies.  I started to see things differently in the way of emotional situations; mostly in movies and shows.

At the end of "Brave" there is an emotional reunion of sorts of the princess and her mother.  I could feel the room get "dusty."  Darn dust; always gets into my eyes and sure as the weather men are wrong my eyes start to water.  I am totally confident it was the dust concentration in the air and had NOTHING to do with the  movie.  NOTHING.

So as I was driving my family to a business trip for my wife, and everyone in the car was either sleeping (wife), watching a movie (Bayly), or annoying her sister to no end (Cali) I had the aforementioned revelation.   While I may have become an emotional movie watcher, or developed and very acute allergy to dust (more likely), I am still a man.  I do man things.  I mow the lawn, superbly.  I fix things, sometimes just good enough, sometimes not superbly, sometimes it gets the job done.  I do have two kids, ya know.

The moral of this is I can be both.  I can show my princesses that a father can have that emotional side, or that its ok to be really allergic to dust and I can do masculine things.  I guess that is just the juggling act of fatherhood.  At least in the fatherhood of stay-at-home-dad land.

Being a good dad/father/man is tough work.  All we can do is our best.

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