Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Update but on a happier note

The last post was a somber one.  Today is my second birthday.  Not second as in I am two, second as in it is the date of my second life.  If you need further explanation  refer to the other post on this day.

Any-hoo, since we last met I went on an extended vacation.  And NO.  I didn't get put in the clink, slammer or out to pasture.  I went on a lovely vacation with my wife, kids and in-laws.  A few days on the beach.  Some golf.  And what seemed like a lifetime at Disney.  It only seemed like a lifetime because we were trying to get the most we could in our time there.  It had NOTHING (and I'm serious here) to do with the company.  Sure we had our differences and some of us (me) needed to cool off more than others, but once we got into the swing of things everything went rather smoothly.

Moving on....

If you have a chance to go to Tybee Island Georgia (aka Savannah) Go!  Don't hesitate.  Sure its a beach.  Sure its crowded.  But it is as close to paradise as Hawaii.  Moral of this story is if you can't make it to Tybee, go to Hawaii.  (Good luck with that.  Let me know how it works out for you.)

Disney is great.  If you have kids.  But I had fun too.  I would have liked to gotten all dolled up in the Bibbity Bobbity Glitter-fest but I guess they frown upon grown men getting all make-uped and putting on a dress and following around a princess all day.  What do they know?!  They could make a bunch of more money if they changed just a little....

The real travesty is the fact that there is no alcohol in Magic Kingdom; the flagship of Disney World Florida.  Epcot you can drink around the world.  Hollywood Studios.  C'mon.  Hollywood without any mind numbing substances would be Branson, MI.  (I apologize for any and all of my Branson followers.  I have never been your lovely city.  I am just trying to make a humorous point.)  Even Animal Kingdom allows alcohol.  What could possibly go wrong with a drunken patron and live animals, right?  But not in Magic Kingdom.  I guess they are hedging their bets that the dads would get all boozed up while their kids are getting doused with more glitter than the end of the year parade at P-Town and end up hitting on the princesses.  Or Minnie Mouse.  Hey, some guys like that.  Not me.  I'm just saying I've heard some guys have a thing for a girl mouse.  Whatever blows up your skirt, I guess.

Long story longer, the vacation was good.  The last day we celebrated an 80th birthday of a grandfather-in-law with his seven (yes I said seven, as in one more than six and one less than eight) kids.  Now I don't feel so bad with just two angels.  Happy birthday Poppy Hoss!

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