Sunday, March 29, 2015

Forgive me blog father for I have sinned. It has been too long since my last post.

That's right.  I have not fallen off the face of the planet, been mauled by wild wolves, or even been committed to an insane asylum (officially anyway.  I do live with four women!) I don't know where we left off, and I am too lazy to go back and read my own blog, so I'll just go from where I  think I left off.

We had our third girl A YEAR AGO! Time really has flown by. Since that family milestone, things have been crazy, but in a good way. Even though there are many times where I believe the third child has put me over the edge (and she isn't even walking and talking yet). Then there are other times where I think I got this under control. And most of the time I count my lucky stars that I haven't gone completely bonkers yet.  I guess that is the definition of parenting. (Look at me; I'm Noah Webster defining things and stuff!)

The older one is in second grade and doing great!  The middle one is rocking her four year old pre-school.  Both are growing up so fast both physically and mentally.  The latter far too fast for my head to grasp.

Today was the second of four dance competitions that the eldest child competes in.  This year she has a solo, which has been great for her.  It has taught her to work hard and that it is totally up to her on the outcome.  I remember early on where she went in for a solo rehearsal and it did not go well.  When asked if she had practiced, she said she didn't because her father hadn't reminder her.  The very awesome teacher (to whom I owe far more than dance costs, but don't tell her because I am a stay-at-home-father with no income in which to pay her more*) told her it was her responsibility to practice and that her father was not the one dancing.  That really struck home and she has been on the ball (most of the time) with practicing.

Bayly has three dances in this year's competition season: A team lyrical, team jazz, and the aforementioned solo.  The first competition last week was alright.  While it wasn't her first time dancing at a competition, she was on the team last year, it was her first time dancing solo.  Needless to say she did awesome.  She had some issues, but nothing horrible.  To the naked eye she did great.

Fast forward to today.  Her second competition.  Her dances were at 11:11, 11:44, and 12:05.  Three dances, three costume changes, three hair style changes in 45 mins.  Sometimes the cards get played that way and whatcha gonna do?  My wife was the wrangler to these changes, as a man is not really allowed to be backstage with millions (or it just feels like that) of young girls.  And let me tell you they rocked it.  No small feat when dealing with a child that doesn't always move with the swiftest intentions.

First the team lyrical dance; they do phenomenal.  Then change and solo.  Only 9 dances to pull that off.  No worries.  Mom is on it.

Solo time.  Cue music,  Cue dance.  Now I have seen this dance a thousand times.  I could probably do most of it, but I won't because I am liable to hurt myself.  So I notice little things.  Tiny things.  Like she was a little fast here.  Or she recovered from a brain fart here.  Again, tiny things that only someone privy to the evolution of the dance would know.  She dances like I have never seen her dance.  I was moved.  I know it sounds weird to be moved by a dance, but I was moved.  It could have been the powerful interpretation of the song by her choreographer*.  It could have been the fans kicked on and started blowing dust into the auditorium (for more on this explanation see prior post of dusty rooms).  It probably was the fact that my kid was killing it.  And the interpretation.  And the fans.  Right.  Dusty rooms.

Then six dances to change for the team jazz dance.  Again, done with plenty of time to spare and the team is great.  Every single parent was grinning ear to ear.

Fast forward to awards.  This is where every dancer gets up on stage and they go down the list and hand out trophies and/or medals based on the scores.  Luckily it was only the morning session's awards.  I can't imagine if they didn't break it up.  The awards would be longer than the dancing. But luckily the powers that be have thought of that.

The scores a usually Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with a "High" before each metal if needed. (So for clarification it goes Silver, High Silver, Gold, High Gold, Platinum, and then Platinum Pro.  Why change it up at Platinum, I have no idea.  I don't make the rules.)  Platinums are not easy to come by, but I have seen a few in my day.  And every one that I have seen deserved it, and then some.  It comes down to the team lyrical score: PLATINUM!  Waaaaahhhhhttt!!?? That is amazing.  They really kicked some lyrical dance butt!  Then a few more "Other dances" scores.  And her solo comes in.....................

PLATINUM!  I am ecstatic.  I knew she did well.  Just never thought she did platinum well.  I saw a few things, but I knew what to look for. And in my experience the Platinum was reserved for perfection.  But when her score was announced the fans were blowing again.  (Ya know, someone should really clean that place.  The dust is quite atrocious.)  To say I was proud would be an understatement.  I knew she could do it.  I don't know if the first competition score lowered my expectations, but this blew me away.  I knew she killed it.  And apparently so did the judges.

Then the team jazz:  High gold.  Great again!  The hard work paid off.

Today I was the most proud I have ever been.  I could have single handedly built the pyramids and it would pale in comparison to this feeling.  My kid worked her tiny, little hinny off and it paid off.  I can only hope she can transfer that work ethic to other things besides dance.

I think it will.

*Love you Miss Yvonne!

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