Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Its a new day in Daddom

Today, well last night it started, a new day was christened in my Fatherhood.  I survived a two and a half hour dress rehearsal for my daughter's dance recital.  In years past that feat would have been a walk in the park because she was only in one or two dances per recital.  But now she has progressed into the Petite team and is dancing in five of six (read, a thousand) dances.  And she is rocking the whole thing;  smiling for the audience or judges, hamming it up just like one of her dance instructors.  It's enough to make any father who couldn't dance to save his life except for the occasional Cabbage Patch or Running man proud.

That is not what this is about.  Sure, I am proud of my daughters dancing accomplishments.  But last night was different.  Last night I was "backstage" helping costume changes and watching the underbelly of dance recital rehearsal first hand.  Basically I was being frantic, then calm (during said dances) and frantically finding costumes, changing costumes, and tracking down runaway pairs of shoes that six and seven year olds throw about.  It was much like my every day life in every way.  But the most rewarding part was the acceptance of the other Dance Moms to my being there.  Sure, I may be one of the few Dance Dads that willingly help out, but I did so with great enthusiasm and charm that flows from my being.  (I am a bull-shitter and try to be funny in situations where I don't feel 100% comfortable)

I left the rehearsal last night exhausted and content.  I was finally talked to by the "Moms of Dance."  Before I got the cordial nod or salutation.  Maybe now they will let me into their inner den of their Not Too Crazy Dance Mom club.  What a joy that would be.  Can you imagine me, all dance crazy?  Yea.  Me neither.

I realize that I probably won't be able to help out backstage for most recitals or competition due to my chromosomal make up, but maybe I can buck the trend and become a Dance Dad extroidinare.  Or maybe one or two Moms weren't all that comfortable with my presence helping out and just kept their reservations to themselves, or until they got together with the other Moms in a secret, underground meeting damning me from ever helping out again.  If that were to happen I'd be sad but OK with it.  I understand that I am just a dad trying to be helpful.  And having two lovely girls that like to dance I feel the need to be involved with their activities, whatever they may be.

So whatever happens, I will accept it and watch from the audience.  Or backstage.  Or on the DVD later because they have banned me from ever stepping foot within earshot of their daughters. (I'd better talk softly at the next dance class)

Yes it is a new dad in Daddom for this guy.  Even if it was for just one evening.

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